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Pale khaki silk parasol © Haslemere Educational Museum

Catalogue number:

Pale khaki silk parasol

Date made:
19th Century

Location unknown


Hand Made


Height: 73 cm, Width: 0.9 cm (handle), 11.5 cm (silk canvas base), Depth: 0.9 cm (handle), 11.5 cm (silk canvas base)

A parasol of pale khaki silk grosgrain lined with cream silk and edged with a khaki/fawn silk fringe. Its handle is cream carved ivory with the inscription: "1851 Sangsters Patent Park Parasol". Sangster umbrella and cane manufacturer was a London based business which had begun life as purely a cane shop by Samuel Sangster but when his sons, William and John, took over they expanded the products to include umbrellas. They created several patents for different umbrella designs and were even awarded a Prize Medal for their excellent quality of parasols and umbrellas at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Their products were evidently extremely popular as in a book titled 'Umbrellas and their History', which was written by William Sangster in 1855, included the passage "Since this time W. & J. S. have sold, under their patent, Umbrellas to the number of nearly four millions."