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Track 13 Photography

Credit line: John Belton talks about taking photographs as a young boy.


Interviewee: I’ve had a camera since I was about five. I started off with a Brownie 2a ?

Interviewer: Where did you get your first camera then?

Interviewee: It was given to me.

Interviewer: Was that by your parents?

Interviewee: I can’t remember now. But that used to take the old 126 film, I think it was either the 116 or 126 film, eight shots on it.

Interviewer: Nice pictures on those Box Brownies. Nice and sharp weren’t they?

Interviewee: Yeah, but the trouble was you had to take them to the chemist and wait about a fortnight for them to be processed.

Interviewer: Where did you get your processing done?

Interviewee: Possibly one of the chemists but I can’t remember which one because there were two or three chemists in Haslemere at that time. There was where Lloyd’s is now. I can’t remember who was there. Then there was Boots which was over in the Causeway which is now the pizza place. And then there was probably Magics ? And then there was another one in Haslemere wasn’t there? Was it Waller’s? That was up Wey Hill.