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Haslemere Educational Museum
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Haslemere Educational Museum Databases

Discover what's inside Haslemere Museum, explore the artefacts and hear amazing local stories from Haslemere's past.

Textiles Accessories Database

Textiles Accessories Collection

With over 370 textile accessories you can explore our entire collection of gloves, collars, hats, shoes and bags.

Let's Share Stories Project - Audio Library

Let's Share Stories Project - Audio Library

Sharing people's memories of Haslemere and the surrounding. Brining future generations together and celebrating the personal stories that shaped the town over the more recent past.

Geikie's Art Collection Database

Sir Archibald Geikie´s Art Collection

Watercolours and drawings by Sir Archibald Geikie during his geological research and activities.

The Rupert Long Collection

The Rupert Long Collection of Butterflies and Moths

A collection of butterflies and moths from around the UK during the last Century, mostly from Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

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